Gwynedd Council Letter to Estate Agents: May 2014
The following letter was sent by Councillor Gareth Roberts, who is Gwynedd Council's Cabinet Member for the Environment, to local Estate Agents, to clarify the Council's position on the matter. The letter is in both Welsh and English.
Download Letter: Gwynedd Council to Estate AgentsLetter: Gwynedd Council to Estate Agents
DescriptionA letter which has been sent by Gwynedd Council to local Estate Agents.

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Sky News Sunday 28th February 2016
Welsh Villagers Trapped In 'Zero Value' Homes
An article on the Sky News website, which includes interviews with residents of Fairbourne.
The Times Saturday 13th February 2016
Welsh village abandoned to the sea
An article on the Law pages of The Times website. Unfortunately, only the start of the article is visible unless you are a subscriber to the website.
Daily Post Friday 12th February 2016
Gwynedd village's £100m flood compensation claim over fears sea could wash it away
Homeowners in Fairbourne have been told their homes could be under water in 100 years, and are demanding compensation as houses and business values plummet.
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Welsh village to sue government over 'alarmist' rising sea level claim
The Telegraph highlights the unfair and inaccurate estimation of sea-level rising in the SMP2 document.
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Village of the Dammed
An article on the Mail Online website, describing Fairbourne residents' battle with the council over plans to allow Fairbourne to be claimed by the sea.
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Village residents to seek £100 million in compensation
The Cambrian News article regarding the plans to hire of a specialist barrister for the Fairbourne Facing Change Action Group, in order to commence legal actions to protect the residents of Fairbourne
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Entire Welsh village to be evacuated before itís lost to the sea
An article on the Metro News website which highlights the inaccuracies in the SMP2 document, and details the hiring of a Barrister.
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Villagers' legal action over sea-threatened Fairbourne
An article on the BBC News website, detailing the Fairbourne Facing Change group and the legal battle it faces. Includes news regarding possible legal action to safeguard the furture for Fairbourne residents, and a quote from Pete Cole, the Chair of the FFC group.

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Latest News
Sky News Sunday 28th February 2016
Welsh Villagers Trapped In 'Zero Value' Homes
Residents of Fairbourne in Cardigan Bay say they have been left trapped in worthless homes by council plans to allow the village to be engulfed by the sea.
Mail Online Thursday 11th February 2016
Village of the Dammed
Village of the DAMMED: Entire Welsh village to be 'decommissioned' and its population forced to move after government warns it will be lost to the sea
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