Press Releases
Below are articles, written by Angela Ware of FFC, for the bi-monthly publication "Sibrydion Cymuned" (Community Whispers):
Download Sibrydion Cymuned, Article 1Sibrydion Cymuned, Article 1
DescriptionAn article following the success of the initial meetings on 28th February 2014, and the founding of the FFC group.
Download Sibrydion Cymuned, Article 2Sibrydion Cymuned, Article 2
DescriptionAnother article following more public meetings, and the setting up of Task and Finish groups.
Download Sibrydion Cymuned, Article 3Sibrydion Cymuned, Article 3
DescriptionThe third article which encourages readers to visit the website, and explains what can be found on here.
Download Sibrydion Cymuned, Article 4Sibrydion Cymuned, Article 4
DescriptionThe fourth article discusses the good turnout and reception for the recent events, and gives information on upcoming surgeries and another music gig.
Download Sibrydion Cymuned, Article 5Sibrydion Cymuned, Article 5
DescriptionThe fifth article, in the November 2014 issue, talks about the recent "Week In Week Out" episode broadcast by the BBC, as well as other recent developments.

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Latest News
Sky News Sunday 28th February 2016
Welsh Villagers Trapped In 'Zero Value' Homes
Residents of Fairbourne in Cardigan Bay say they have been left trapped in worthless homes by council plans to allow the village to be engulfed by the sea.
Mail Online Thursday 11th February 2016
Village of the Dammed
Village of the DAMMED: Entire Welsh village to be 'decommissioned' and its population forced to move after government warns it will be lost to the sea
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