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ghost spam
ghost spam
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There have been an increase of late with some new referral spam also called Ghost Spam or Referral Spam, which is skewing the results in Google Analytics making it seem as you have more visitors but a very high bounce rate with 0.00 time spent on your site. No body wants a high bounce rate. 

What is Ghost Spam?

The few new  Ghost Spams that are hitting my web sites multiple times a day that I have noticed recently are,,, Get-your-social-buttons.Info, free-video-tool, and keywords-monitoring-your-success. You may see the Ghost spammer using sub domains with random numbers. Something like or but its all the same thing. Junk visits. These become more prevalent on new and small Web Sites.

New web site owners who may just be just starting out making their first web page say in WordPress may be shocked to see many visitors coming from these domains. In-fact they are not users but bots.

It shouldn’t affect your page ranking for SEO so nothing to worry about there, but it gets annoying fast. Lucky Google gives you some tools to filter out this unwanted info.

Why do I get Google Analytic Ghost Spam?

Its nothing to get too concerned about it’s just another way for sites to get traffic. You see a new top Source site in Analytics and you go to the link to check it out. It’s especially effective on smaller sites that don’t get a lot of traffic and so these sites stand out a lot. Hopefully Google is trying to filter these out from results but until they have a good fix, you will have to do it yourself.

Dont Worry its a really quick fix and will last forever. Well until a new ghost spam domain comes along.

How To get rid of Ghost Spam in Google Analytics: eg Snip and Copyrightclaims

copyrightclaimsFirst Log into your Google Analytics and click the admin tab.

  • Then select the All Filters tab and Click Add Filter
  • You can add as many filters as you like, depending on how much spam you are getting.
  • Next Give your filter a Name
  • Filter Type is Custom
  • Filter Field, Find and Select Campaign Source.
  • Filter Pattern text box, copy in the domain you want to block eg



analytics filter


It should look something like the below image. 


You can then click on Verify Filter to see if it works correctly. This will now smooth out your Analytic data to correctly see the visitors to your site.

Looks like its changed a little in Analytics recently and you now have to Apply Filter to Views, and then click save

Watch this Video on Referral Ghost Spam Analytic Removal

Thanks to Cloud Radix



Small List Of Ghost Spam Sites

  • semalt
  • buttons-for-website
  • darodar
  • priceg
  • makemoneyonline
  • blackhatworth
  • hulfingtonpost
  • Bestwebsitesawardsss
  • buy-cheap-online
  • best-seo-software
  • Trafficmonetizer
  • Guardlink
  • Econom
  • buttons-for-your-website
  • free-floating-buttons
  • success-seo
  • Traffic2money
  • keywords-monitoring-your-success
  • getrichquickly

And many more added daily. Its beginning to be a real problem. Google does eventually filter them out but its better if you get to them first to help clear up your Analytic lists.

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  1. Thanks for this just what was required, analytics can be a mine field of info that needs a little tune up. Another one for the list is Least I have clean data now. Cheers


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