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wordpress adsense plugin 403 error

Do you have this error while saving Google AdSense Ads? “Unable to Apply changes to your site. Sorry, we were unable to save your configuration. The request to your server failed with error code 403”?

I came across this error the other day while trying to move around some Google Ads within WordPress, and it was doing my head in. I wasn’t able to save any changes to the error code saying, WordPress Google AdSense Plugin Failed Error Code 403.

WordPress Adsense plugin responsive website

Many of you that have great websites, and offset your time and costs with some revenue from Ads, will appreciate the ability to input advertising straight from WordPress. Sometimes those plugins go a bit haywire and you need to fine-tune a setting or remove the offending WordPress plugins. One of the best plugins to do this is from Google themselves, with the Google AdSense Plugin.

I loved this plugin but lately, it has been doing some strange things like ads overlapping text or content and not being able to save the changes made. Some of it is due to the Templates used, and others due to incompatible plugins, conflicting with Google Ad-sense.

How to Fix Google AdSense Plugin Failed Error Code 403

Google Adsense Plugin failed error code 403

If you try to save your Google Adsense plugin changes and get the following error message

“Unable to Apply changes to your site. Sorry, we were unable to save your configuration. The request to your server failed with error code 403” you have a problem.

The first step is to disable all of your plugins except Google Adsense, within WordPress and try to save a setting change within Google Adsense. If you are able to make and save a change you are good to go. Enable all the plugins to check your work and happy times.

Being able to save your Google Adsense correctly will give you a pop-up similar to the window below. “Ads saved and Activated”


If you want to work out which plugin is cause the issue, you will have to disable them one at a time, and then log back into Google Adsense plugin and try to make a change.

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While you are sorting out your site and code check out this great read by Adam Clarke SEO 2017, it helps take your mind off these issues and resets the way you think.

Wordfence Security

Word-fence Security for me was the culprit, for causing Google Adsense Plugin Failed Error Code 403 to not save. Why this is the case I’m not sure. Once activated, it will display ads fine, so I’m sure this bug will be fixed in the future. A quick Bing and Google search showed a heap of issues but no real solutions. I suspect Word Fence Security is being over-cautious with allowing a 3rd party to make changes.

Word Fence Security has made my Top list of WordPress Plugins list and it has locked down many rogue IP addresses that have tried to do random login attempts. Get it now.

Hopefully, this helps someone else fix their WordPress Adsense Plugin errors, please share and comment below if you need any more help.

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  1. If you are getting this error then please FIRST deactivate these plugins W3 Total Cache and Wordfence Security if you have in your installed plugin directory and after that apply the Google AdSense Plugin settings. Your problem or error will be solved.


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