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remove Designed by Press Customizr wordpressSo you have a new WordPress site and you want to remove the links on the bottom like  Remove Designed by Press customizr from the footer or Remove Designed with WordPress Logo and Hyper-links. These take away valuable link juice and are on every page on your site.

Supporting a Free WordPress Theme Site

Now I love to support the little guys in making new themes and sometimes donate to their cause or upgrade to a pro theme so in this case, I have no problems removing their links which get spammed all over my sites. So what do you need to do?

How to remove Designed by Press Customizr from footer in WordPress

We have to remove the code by going into the funtions.php file and adding a little bit of code. Don’t worry, it’s very straight forward.

Customizr: Theme Functions (functions.php)

Log into your WordPress Dashboard and make sure your theme is selected, Important.

Go to dashboard – appearance – editor; ; then click functions.php in the list on the right. Maybe a few down from the top

Copy and paste the whole text shown below to the bottom of functions.php and don’t forget to change where it says YOUR SITE NAME GOES HERE and put in either your name or your site name.

add_filter(‘tc_credits_display’, ‘my_custom_credits’);
function my_custom_credits(){
$credits = ”;
$newline_credits = ”;
return ‘
<div class=”span4 credits”>
<p>&middot; © YOUR SITE NAME GOES HERE &middot; All Rights Reserved ·


Once done click Update File and test out your site. This code may work for other WordPress sites as well, but please support the theme site you are removing backlinks to. Congratulations you have just removed Designed by Press Customizr from your footer.

When upgrading Press Customizr theme in WordPress which happens quite often you may have to redo the above code in functions.php

Is it time to Upgrade to a Premium WP Theme

Many great themes are free, many are not. It’s all about trial and error. This means TIME.

How valuable is your time? Do you want to be running around looking for solutions for a WordPress theme problem because it’s doing something silly? The web designer on a free theme is usually too busy doing something else or working on his PAID themes.

It’s great to get started on a Free WordPress theme. You can learn the ropes publish some stuff and if you are happy with that then fine. But if you want to take it to a new level with simple page builders and advanced features then a paid theme is the way to go.

Sure you can earn money from a free theme from google ad-sense and affiliate sites, but the one important thing that sets free apart from paid is back-links. It’s the reason you’re looking for solutions to a problem. You are giving away free promotion and link juice to your free WordPress theme designer, and this is usually on every page.

I like to plug good products, like this RavPower 6 port charger, best there is hands down. But I don’t want to do it 100 times.

Every time you link-out a little bit of your authority goes out (unless you no-follow a link). When people link to you your authority goes up and the result is you climb the rankings. It’s a no brainer.

If you can afford it get a premium theme they should cost under $70, and that’s it. Within a month you should start to see an increase in rankings and in-turn visitors. Good Luck.

This site is made with the Newspaper theme and I find it super easy to use and modify.

How to remove “Designed by WPZOOM” copyright from footer.

If this Code or snippet fails to work on your theme there may be another option for you to Remove the Designed by links in your footer.

  • Go to Dashboard – Appearance – Editor and select footer.php file from the list on the right. Maybe a few down from the top.
  • Using your browser Find option (Ctrl/Cmd + F), search for the line containing  or any other theme hyper-link combination, and delete the entire line
  • Save your changes

Be aware that the links may come back if you update your theme so just save your procedure that works and code somewhere safe to do again.

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